Modern luxury hotel reception counter desk with bell
Construction cranes building Skyscrapers are under construction Highly structured and operate the crane.
Building and note bank (done in 3d)
Men work on the old factory for the installation of equipment in protective helmets

Dave Hackney or Rodney Spivey
horizontal welder 1 one man men male males guy guys his person persons people adult adults grownup grownups grown up ups at and the of it is a job jobs career careers occupation occupations occupational profession professions professional expert experts expertise vocation vocations role roles employ employs employed employment employing livelihood employee employees employer employers trade trades skill skills skilled skillful specialized responsible responsibility responsibilities task tasks chore chores source of income salary salaries salaried wage wages labor laborer laborers union unions non train trains trained training apprentice apprentices apprenticeship intern interns internship work works worked working dedicate dedicated dedicates dedicating commit trainee trainees commits committed committing commitment volunteer volunteers function functions functional functioning assign assigns assignment assignments assigned undertake undertakes undertaken undertaking opportunity opportunities success successful setting set sets goal goals potential interest interests interested interesting concern concerns concerned concerning teach teaches teaching taught business businesses technical lifestyle lifestyles blue collar collared craft craftperson diligent diligence duty earn earns earned earning economy efficiency effort hardwork hardworking industry industrial make making makes a living metal helmet helmets on over face head headwear safety safe protective device devices protection protect eye eyes nonflammable non flammable anti clothing clothes welders weld welding welds spark sparks flying visor visors high pressure precision tool tools construction science technology fuse fuses fused fusing unite unites united uniting seam seams seamed join joins joined joining ironworker ironworkers ironworking torch torches torching melt melts melting burn burns burning metal metals machine machines equipment hot heat LL
mason worker making sidewalk pavement with stone blocks

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